Recap: 'The Flash,' episode 319, 'The Once and Future Flash'

This episode picked up right were we left off roughly a month ago.  Caitlyn is newly awake with an icy chip on her shoulder and she immediately starts blasting at Cisco, HR and Julian.  A well placed Vibe burst makes her rethink her attack.  They take a brief moment to point fingers only to have Julian point out the choice was literally her life or death.  The Flash responds to the alarm at Star Labs, only to discover Killer Frost is gone.

With that, The Flash decides its time to go travel back to the future.  His plan is to find himself and find out who Savitar is.  Then armed with that information, he can find a way to defeat his foe before he even gets close to Iris.  But his future self told him, it doesn't matter what he does, thinks of, or tries, he will never save her.  Barry refuses to accept this and attempts to reach out to the other members of Team Flash hoping they can be of more assistance than his future self - only to discover that he disbanded the team.

Barry asked Cisco why didn't he keep the band together - why didn't he keep up the fight.  Cisco admitted he tried, but once Killer Frost took his hands he wasn't the same after.  And no hands no vibes.  Even though I think his numbs still should have been able to produce powers.  Do his powers reside in his hands?  Does he not see things in his mind's eye whilst peering into the future, past or alternate dimensions?  I'm not entirely sure why in this version of the future his powers are so tied to his hands.  Probably to make the future that much more bleak. 

Add to that; Barry didn't discover Savitar's identity.  However, he was successful in reuniting the future Team Flash, putting away Top and Mirror Master, and finally keeping his promise to be there for Joe and everyone after Iris' passing.  All well and good for the future, but will any of that assist with this Savitar debacle?  The only helpful thing that he does find out, is that Caitlyn does know who Savitar really is though she doesn't reveal it.  We even see her discover who he is at the end of tonight's episode although his identity was still hidden away from our prying eyes.  Whoever he is, he must be known to Caitlyn.  Because whoever he is, she already trusts him.  This is why she's immediately ready and willing to help him.  Something tells me in 7 short days we'll also know who Savitar is as well.  And something tells me, we already know who he his.