Recap: 'The Flash,' episode 318, 'Abra Kadabra'

In this episode, The Flash goes up against Abra Kadabra a villain from the 64th century; wanted on Earth-19 for mass murder and currently plundering technology from Earth-1.  His technology is so advanced its indistinguishable from magic and gives him the abilities of telepathy, teleporting and telekinesis.  Gypsy shows up shortly after Abra Kadabra does and clues the group in on who he is and how dangerous he can be.  The team quickly subdues him and holds him in the accelerator.  At which time he offers them the key to defeating Savitar, his name, in exchange for releasing him.

No one takes him up on it.  That is, until Joe does.  But not only does Abra go back on his word.  But he blows up Caitlyn, Julian and Joe.  Then proceeds directly to the time vault to steal a piece of future tech.  I thought it was Gideon he needed.  But it could have just been the power source for his makeshift time machine.  So along with the robbing and killing he's also stranded somehow and trying to get home, presumably.  But how did he get back there, to begin with?  And which Earth is he from?  He clearly has the ability to create or use portals.  Alas, these questions may never be answered, he was taken to Earth-19 for execution.

But the impact of his presence was not only felt, but is now guiding Barry.  Abra said he knew Barry and everything that will happen because he is from the future.  He also said that he and Barry had been adversaries for years.  This makes me wonder, when will Barry be that far in the future?  Do his villains attack him in the past, because he's become such a problem for them in the future?  We're raising some interesting questions here.  Probably the reason Barry wants to run into the future.  For answers, a sneak peak if you will.  He believes once he gains a slimmer glimmer of what these foes from the future know, he will be better prepared to defeat them.  "Knowing is half the battle" if I may coin a phrase.   

Not saying this is a bad idea.  But doesn't running to the future equate to changing it?  I mean his presence may not be enough to change it.  But do you think he'll run to the future and not try to improve the lives his friends if they're less than ideal?  Much the same way he helped his friends as soon as he got back to this new reality after Flashpoint.  It's pretty predictable, if not Barry101.  But at the end of the episode just when everything seems fine, Caitlyn crashes and is dying.  The only thing that saved her life were he regenerative cold powers.  But as soon as she recovered she revived as Killer Frost.

Enacting the final headline seen in the future, "Killer Frost still at Large."  Cisco knew she wouldn't want that.  Julian wouldn't accept watching her die.  Now, neither get what they want.  Caitlyn is alive, but she's no longer Caitlyn and Caitlyn would rather be dead than a threat to her friends as Killer Frost.  But as KF she's definitely not in her right mind.  Unless she can find a healthy balance, if one exists.  But either way, April 25 we head back to the future.  Where it seems Killer is still frosty.  Wally is in a wheelchair.  And the future Flash needs a haircut.  I can't wait.  But like yourself we must.  See you in a month.