Recap: 'The Flash,' episode 316, 'Into the Speedforce'

Tonight saw Barry's return to the Speedforce, in an attempt to save Wally, who is trapped in the prison Barry designed there for Savitar.  For some unknown reason when Savitar escaped last week, Wally was pulled into the Speedforce in his place.  As the Speedforce is not one to waste an opportunity to educate, it appeared to Barry in several forms, all of which have sacrificed themselves for the greater good.

First Eddie, then Ronnie and finally Capt. Cold.  They ask Barry why he wants to save Wally, and in the process take his place.  Repeatedly Barry says "to save Wally," "its my fault he's here."  Omitting the fact that this would also change the future. Ifso facto he wouldn't be around in 4 months the night Iris dies, effectively changing the timeline.  However.  Will it have been enough?  There's no way to say for certain either way.  But I pose this question.  If things turned out the way they did with The Flash present, could things possibly turn out any better without him there? Could they really?  Really Flash?

Wally may be faster.  But Iris isn't his responsibility.  Let alone for whatever reason he wasn't there that night.  But again getting Kid Flash there would also be a change.  One Barry will be sure to exploit.  Unless Kid flash is unable to answer the call.  We have no idea why.  But for one reason or another, he wasn't there.  So he may not be able to help.

We got to see what Jessie Quick is made of.  She went after Savitar alone, in a foolish attempt.  Which actually turned out to be pretty educational.  And she didn't get her self killed.  In fact, she was the last man standing, in the encounter, points for that.  Icing on the cake, she retained the portion of his armored that she tracked him down with and used to wound him.  Somehow I don't think Barry would have.

She was my favorite thing about the episode, until her questionable decision to leave Wally and Earth 1, to protect Earth 3 in the absence of Jay Garrick.  As he ended up being the one to take Wally's place in Barry's Speedforce prison.  I guess for the reason of being a "Hero" and sacrificing what you want for the greater good?  I mean I guess, but on a whole new planet?  One speedster, in a new city, with no allies or resources.  Does that sound like a recipe for success?  However to be real, she did impress me tonight.  And if anybody on team flash has the gumption to pull this off its her.

Finally, Barry and Iris are on a break.  Somehow this is Barry accepting the future, as opposed to fighting it tooth and nail.  He agrees that he proposed to Iris for the wrong reasons and that has tarnished their relationship.  So much so, that they should take a break from each other to I guess deal with what must be done.  Or to gain a better perspective on the situation.  I'm not entirely sure.  I guess I'll have to keep watching to see if it works.  Then I'll see you here the day after.