Recap: 'The Flash,' episode 313, 'Attack on Gorilla City'

This week Barry, Kaitlyn Cisco and Julian, (in his Sunday's best adventurer attire) mosey on over to Earth 2 in an attempt to rescue Harry, being held at Gorilla City.  Our quartet is soon captured however, because it seems Harry's abduction was nothing more than bait to lure the Flash there.

Grodd then tells Barry and the others, through a mind controlled Wells, that he needs their help.  His leader Solivar, wants to attack humanity. But, if the Flash kills him, then Grodd can take over and make the gorillas stay in Gorilla City. Clearly Grodd is taking a page from Spencer's book.  We know how Negan handled that situation, let's see what Barry does.  Somehow I don't see Flash disemboweling Grodd in a single swipe.  Solivar comes to see the prisoners.  He's upset because he wasn't notified about more human trespassers.  Barry tries to assure him they want peace and are not there to provoke or attack the gorillas.  His pleas fall on deaf ears.  Solivar promises them a painful death.  Finally Barry says: "Let me fight you for all our freedom."  Solivar agrees and in the arena Barry defeats him and spares his life.  We'll see next week if Solivar appreciates his mercy.

But after the fight Barry wakes up back in his cell beside his friends.  Confused, he stammers to find the reason why.  He must not watch Game of Thrones much; But when he defeated Solivar all deals with him are null and void.  Because as soon as he's defeated he's no longer in charge.  And the new leader made no such pacts with Barry,  Oh, and did I mention the new leader is Grodd?  Barry quickly puts together that it wasn't Solivar that wanted to attack the humans but Grodd himself.  And now that he has Cisco he has everything he needs to open portals and attack (Earth 1) Central City.

Down but never out, the group come up with the idea of faking Barry's death.  Grodd checks him.  He's not breathing and his body is cold.  Grodd throws his corpse in a bone pile where Barry remains until Grodd leaves.  Barry then frees the others and they hastily escape.  All seems to be well as the crew returns home, until we see Grodd has had a plan B in place.  Cue Gypsy. Now I can only assume that time will tell how Grodd met, found or contacted Gypsy.  Moreover is she being manipulated or mind controlled?  Does she think by helping Grodd she'll be saving Cisco's life?  Did Grodd have Harry make something to assist Grodd in communicating inter-dimensionally?  Only time will tell, and we'll probably get at least one of these answers next week during "Attack on Central City."