Well, the winter break is over and the Flash has returned. Per usual, Barry hasn't learned anything in the off-season or since the beginning of this season.  We learn that Barry has been having nightmares. Kid-Flash has been shadowing in the field; although under strict orders to observe only.  HR really is good for nothing.  But he is trying to do something about it.  And Barry again feels the weight of the world on his shoulders overs Iris' (in Barry 's mind) imminent death. Until he remembers there is no I in team.

Barry is haunted by what he witnessed in the future.  (Savitar killing Iris), so much so that it looks like every waking moment is now being dedicated to avoiding this possible future outcome.  In Vibing that night again, Barry and Cisco see HR on a rooftop in a sniper position.  An HR that wasn't present (or wasn't noticed) the first time Barry was there.  Leading the team to believe that it is possible to change the future.  As something Barry has done, has already changed this night.  Of course it's possible to change the future, because it isn't written yet.  Only the past is definite.  Poor Team Flash.  Still not thinking fourth dimensionally.

The mission is to now make precise changes to future events to change the outcome of this particular night.  Four months in the future.  Which is, I'm thinking, nearly impossible to calculate.  Unless the Star Labs Museum opening came with a brand new quantum mainframe (computer).  Now everybody has been brought fully into the loop;  Except for Joe and Wally.  Yes he tells Wally he's concerned for Iris' future. But nothing along the lines of "I watched her die."  A decision sure to be validated by the old "for their own protection" defense.

Kaitlyn asked Julius to join Team Flash.  She says because he shouldn't have to deal with his trauma alone.  Just as they all have each other, Julius needs someone too.  Sounds pretty believable, but she really just wants to use him to help her with her killer frost situation.  Which he did.  And likely because of the invite.  Seeing as how he turned her away the first time she asked.  That Frost persona may be peaking her head out more subtly than before.

One thing is for certain.  I can't wait to see what happens with these pending headlines.  Specifically the one about the city still being riled up from a gorilla attack.  Especially when Earth one presumably has no more super intelligent gorillas.  Unless that's no longer the case a la flashpoint.  Seven short days until we find out.  Then I'll see you here the day after.