Recap: 'Legends of Tomorrow,' episode 217, 'Aruba'

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We are about to land on the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow. Please make sure your seatbelts are secured and luggage sealed tight. Hold on tight because this finale ends with a bang!

The episode picks up after the devastating loss of Vixen. The Legends are distraught and scrambling trying to figure out how to find Rip and the Wave Rider in order to get back to the WW1 era and retrieve the spear of destiny in order to fix reality. Rip, piloting the Wave Rider begins to make his move in order to find the rest of the Legends crew. In doing so Rip realizes that he along with the ship have been shrunken to a miniature model size; he exits through the nearest window. A few moments later all of the legends meet up and devise a plan to break into Star Labs in central city to retrieve Ray's atom suit who's technology was used to shrink Rip and the Wave Rider.

The Legends make it to Star Labs and their mission is a success even despite some complications given by Damien Dahrk. They travel back in time to WW1 in order to retrieve the spear and the blood of Christ. Ray is sent to do the job but is met with opposition (and this is where things go left in a hurry). Ray runs into Thawne (Reverse Flash) and is shocked. In that moment Ray gets his heart ripped from his chest Mortal Kombat style. The Legends freak out, some wanting to run out there to avenge Ray but most knowing better and fall back to the Wave Rider in order to plan their next move.

On the Wave Rider filled with somber and sorrow the Legends come up with the plan to take the spear of destiny from their former selves in WW1. This is a dangerous move because it can cause a time rift/quake if someone meets themselves from a different time. As we all know though, when the world and reality as we know it is at stake, most rational thoughts go out the window. So the Legends prepare and orchestrate a not so well thought out plan to take the spear of destiny from themselves without being seen by their alternate counterparts. In doing this though, it essentially becomes a one way mission trip for the team. As they would erase the reality in which they came.

And so the mission began, and OH BOY did it go astray fast! It all started off well initially. The second group of Legends got the spear, they were on their way out of the Wave Rider and then Nathan (Steel) runs into Vixen (The love of his life [he has good taste in women]) who last time he saw her get shattered into pieces by Snart. So it's almost fully acceptable that he stands there for a while and just embraces her and talks to her for a bit. That hold up bites the second group of Legends in the butt as their original selves are on the way back to the Wave Rider leaving the recon group outside to try and run some poor interference. The Second group of Legends get captured and questioned by the original group, when a time quake happens. Each team fills each other in on what the main objective is when they are full frontal assaulted by the Legion of Doom and their future tech guns. The Legends squared try to make a time jump in order to evade the Legion but get caught up in a time storm due to their meeting of one another (which breaks the law of time).

They can't time jump and the villains are at the gate, only thing left to do is to suit up and square up. It boils down to an all or nothing battle with the Legion taking the upper hand delivering more L's than broken ankles on an A.I. highlight reel. Most of these L's are received by the 2nd group of Legends from the altered reality; but they themselves knew that regardless this would be a one way trip for them here. The battle continues and elongates itself until attrition sets in and the Legends gain the spear of destiny. All seems to be a sure thing until Thawne and his crew of at least a solid DC 52 of Reverse Flash's show up and start merking (Philly slang for killing or beating up) fools left and right (At this moment in time I feel Thawne pulled up to the Work remix by A$ap Ferg at French Montana's verse and in the background and in my head all I hear is "When they masked up, they coming for your ice, when they bare faced, they coming for your life! Homie don't pray for me, pray for the weak. I'm drinking lean, it helps me sleep, Illuminati, I'm from the streets, never sold my body,  WE CATCHING BODIES"...but I digress).

Hope and a chance at victory seem abysmal; this doesn't stop captain Lance as she begins to recite the incantation to activate the spear. There is a brief and touching moment where the spear takes the form of Laurel and communicates with Sara (captain) Lance. The moment is seemingly interrupted when Thawne snags the spear from captain Lance. Thawne himself tries to use it for his own gain but notices that it does not work anymore. He figures  Sara used the spear in order to make it so the spear itself was no longer of use. Thawne drops the spear and  is about to go handle business himself when out in the distance we hear a eerie and bone chilling shriek. The grim reaper of speedsters himself, the Black Flash zooms passed the Legends and kills Thawne and his clones. Sara's wish came true. The Legends are victorious in this battle to save reality. The second pair of Legends vanish as reality restores itself and the current Legends aboard the Wave Rider and fly off into the Temporal Zone.

There is a lot of sappy, happy, and conclusive moments happening aboard the Wave Rider. Nathan and Vixen express their love for one another, Rip fully hands over his title as captain over to Sara and leaves the Wave Rider to an unknown time and space and everyone else is just celebrating the victory. The team relishing in this victory as a major W, want to take a day or so to recoup. Throughout the entire show Rory has been asking to go to Aruba. So when this opportunity arises, Aruba is the main destination. Unfortunately, things are never that easy and a Legends job is never finished.  When they are trying to time jump to Aruba 2017 the team gets stuck in a time storm and gets sent out to LA 2017. It's just that LA looks like a mix between futuristic utopian civilization and dystopian chaos.  Oh yeah, there's also DINOSAURS!! Yup, time is broken.

Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking. We have landed! I just want to say thank you for choosing the Legends of Tomorrow Hype Flight we humbly appreciate your selection and hope to see you again next time you want to fly through the timeline. Again this is your captain and remember, Legends never die.