Recap: 'Legends of Tomorrow,' episode 216, 'Doomworld'

Ladies and Gentlemen this is your captain speaking on the Legends of Tomorrow hype flight. Sorry about the mishap of last week, somehow he got caught up surfing the timeline and missed our stop. However today we have reached it!

Legends of Tomorrow episode 216 starts off with an opening voiceover by Reverse Flash. This is a signal for bad news as the opening voiceover indicates who has a big part in the show. We are launched into this new world forged by the spear of destiny. The opening scene is in Star City and we are seeing an arrow like character running for her life (it can be shown that it's a her by her silhouette) from two assailants shrouded in black until the moonlight hits them. It's both Vixen and Sara Lance. With a duo like that on your tail, let's just say our arrow wielding figure got caught. It's later revealed that this new vigilante is Felicity Smoak and Vixen and Sara Lance caught her under orders by the new mayor of Star City, Damian Dahrk who abruptly has Felicity killed and her masked added to a collection of his (he's been on a killing spree like Halo).

Switch scenes to Central City and we see Reverse Flash draped in suit and tie making important phone calls and looking like a big shot. In comes Malcolm Merlin, demanding a meeting with Reverse Flash (Thawne). The two converse a bit and Malcolm believes that it was a poor decision on both Dahrk and Thawne's part to leave the Legends team alive and under their thumb as employees  (Wow! a villain with a lower sense of hubris, that's rare and scary). Thawne, too caught up in his own grandeur, ignores Malcolm and goes about his business forcing Jax, Stein, and Ray to finish some of their tech, and janitorial  work for him (Thawne really took the three tech saviest Legends and made them his employees and son'd them....smdh).

Meanwhile in broad daylight Snart and Rory, are making a heist and don't get stopped. I guess that's what happens when you alter reality and own half the city or major banks. Upon an adult version of cops and robbers for the duo, they are summoned by Thawne and hold a meeting. Mid-meeting Nathan Heywood (Steel) comes in asking for the smartest man on the planet's help - Thawne. It's hard to tell if he's a reporter of some kind or someone who is just worried about the state of the world but he starts blabbing too much information for his own good. Saying how this reality is scarred in some way and that you can tell if you know where to look. Upon that discovery and Malcolm being right, Thawne has Snart and Rory take Nathan outside and end him (if only he played stupid).

Rory and Snart begin walking Nathan to his doom when they have a disagreement. Rory looks back at Nathan and back at Snart and clocks him one good to the jaw. Rory takes Nathan and they make a getaway. They drive and drive until they reach the location of Ray Palmer's residence. Subconsciously Ray has been building tech that will restore the memories of those who are shot with his memory recall gun (not the really name of it but less complicated). So a quick bang and zap and both Nathan and Ray are back to normal and a few cracks of the fist to Rory's jaw, old beefs are settled. Then in comes Sara Lance and Vixen as the hired attack drones of Dahrk. They all battle it out for a while but manage to get Sara with the memory recall gun but Vixen escapes. Later on, the reforming Legends team get Vixen back as well (Looks like the band is getting back together! cheesy, I know but hey I was excited).

Fast forward a bit and the Legends recover Jax as well. The Legends, The Legion of Doom and Thawne engage in a free for all battle for the spear of destiny. There are hooks a plenty and gun fire to match. In what seemed like a decisive stand the Legends team and Rory gain the spear of destiny. Vixen is reciting the incantation to use the spear when she is suddenly hit by Snart's freeze gun. She's frozen and shattered by Snart. Vixen is dead...

This is your captain speaking for the Legends of Tomorrow hype flight and next week we will be heading into our final episode of the season. Seems like there was some unfinished business back there in WW1. Sit back, make sure all belongings are underneath your seat or above you in the overhead compartment, buckle up and prepare for takeoff. One more episode left, lets enjoy it together!