Recap: 'Legends of Tomorrow,' episode 214, 'Moonshot'

Hi, this is your captain speaking along the Legends of Tomorrow hype flight. Today we will be landing in 1975 (Houston, we have a problem! Sorry had to get that cheesy line out the way. Proceed.) to watch our legends go to the far side of the moon and face all challenges in hero fashion.

Our Legends arrive in Manhattan in 1965 originally, in order to intercept Rip and Henry's exchange with the last piece of the Spear of Destiny. Although they are too late by the time they reach there, the Legends get back aboard the Wave Rider and search for Henry again. This time they find him in 1975, working for NASA. So, the merry crew of Legends have to sneak into NASA and convince Henry to give them the last piece of the spear. Okay, no biggie right? Yeah its easy sneaking into NASA when you're a superhero but do you ever expect getting clocked in the jaw by someone you're there to see? Henry punches Rip on sight but that does not slow the mission down. Some time passes and everyone meets up in a private screening room where Henry is divulging his information about the piece of the Spear of Destiny he hid. As you could tell from the title of the episode, it's not on earth. Henry put it in the flag that was planted on the moon. As this information is delivered, new knowledge reaches the Legends team that Apollo 13 did not burst into flames and is considered a failed mission (disrupted timeline much). In fact it is going smoothly and Reverse Flash has a head start on our heroes to the moon to retrieve the last piece of the spear.

After learning about this, the team splits up with Jax, Dr. Stein, and Rory staying down at mission control while the others plus Henry Haywood go to the moon. While approaching the shuttle that Reverse Flash is in, Sara orders Ray to go after it and explore what is going on inside of the shuttle. Meanwhile the Heywoods are catching up and opening up to one another about life and a small lover's quarrel breaks out between Nathan (Steel) and Vixen. Amongst all of this Ray and Reverse Flash are scrapping in the tiny shuttle with Ray taking the advantage. Unfortunately part of Apollo 13 has come detached due to a mid fight uh-oh button press and Ray lands Apollo 13 on the moon. He then goes out and gets to live a fantasy most who stare into space have. He gets to walk on the moon (I mean he also went and retrieved the last piece of the Spear of Destiny but I'm just living vicariously through Ray at this point). While all of that is going on, the team at mission control and the team on the Wave Rider are putting in serious work! The team at mission control are creating distractions/buying time for both Ray and the team on the Wave Rider so that they won't be seen on NASA's camera's when they try and contact Apollo 13, and the team on the Wave Rider is trying to save the shuttle from being bombarded by an asteroid belt (SHEESH).

The damage taken by the Wave Rider has left the ship on reserve power and Ray without a way home unless he can get the shuttle he landed on the moon with to work and fly back to the Legends.  Which he does, reluctantly with the help of Reverse Flash. Now here comes the hard part, everyone is back on board but due to the damage taken to the Wave Rider, re-entry back into Earth's atmosphere almost seems impossible. Almost being the operative word because you know, SCIENCE! The team scrambles trying to get any and all information they need. Such as are any of the thrusters working (1), what else can they deactivate or turn off (heat, water, any extra electricity), and what angle do they need to enter earth's atmosphere without turning into ash (38 degrees, with help by Reverse Flash). After that was all figured out the Legends team felt they were ready for re-entry, or so they thought. The Wave Rider could not reach the required 38 degree angle because there was too much weight aboard the ship. There was however a way to alleviate that weight; by going to the cargo bay and releasing all the items and things there they could re-enter earth just fine. However, the person who opens the cargo bay will get sucked out of the ship and into space. While everyone is looking to see who jumps first to act, both Captain Hunter and Captain Lance jump up and say "I" but it was moments too late as Henry Heywood was already marching down to the bay to give the ultimate sacrifice for the mission (let me tell you, this scene was heartfelt and well done. A brother almost tear up).

If you want to know what happens next well, YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING (hehe like FUNimations tagline), I won't spoil the ending for you, but these next few episodes coming later to Legends of Tomorrow are going to get interesting to say the least.

So this is your captain speaking on the Legends of Tomorrow Hype Flight, please buckle your seatbelts and prepare yourselves as we are off onto another journey. Till next week, PEACE!