Recap: 'Legends of Tomorrow,' episode 213, 'Land of the Lost'

Now landing on our next stop of the Legends of Tomorrow hype flight. This time in the cretaceous period.

After finally capturing the former captain Rip Hunter, the Legends lock him up in the brig and move onward towards more pressing matters. One such issue being Steel's  missing grandfather in the timeline and holding onto the last piece of the spear of destiny. The Legends are using the medallion in order to find him and the piece of the spear but with so many variables it's hard to locate him in an instant. Meanwhile, the former captain, isn't so former after all. Rip gives an override code that puts him in charge of the wave rider again and locks down the ship  as he tries to steal the medallion. Through some evasive teamwork the Legends are able to override the override and regain control of the ship and stop Rip from making off with the Medallion. Backed into a corner, Rip blasts the medallion then proceeds to get KO'd by Rory as the Wave Rider crash lands in the cretaceous period.

Back on the ship the team is trying to come up with a plan to get the medallion and save Rip. Rory comes up with the idea of using Cognitive Intrusion (C.I. for short) to save Rip. What Cognitive Intrusion is, is that other people go into your subconscious and alter your mind, either restoring memories  properly, or distorting them in order to change a person. Sara and Jax embark on this journey inside Rip's mind in order to save him where they are met with resistance by old Vandal Savage soldiers and their former selves (and let me tell you, they are complete jerks!) Luckily, Jax is able to meet up with a cognitive imagining of Gideon who is able and willing to help him. Meanwhile, Rory and Dr. Stein are observing and making sure things run smoothly outside of the C.I. process and Steel, Ray, and Vixen are on the hunt for the piece of the Wave Rider that got lost while crash landing when they get an alarming roar by a dinosaur that Ray has dubbed Gertrude.

A chase ensues.

Some time passes for Ray, Vixen and Steel and things are going well so far on their prehistoric adventure. Vixen goes off to get some firewood and Ray slides over to Steel in order to give him a man-to-man talk. And no, it's not about him just dating Vixen, it's about him letting her go for the sake of the history timeline (tough break buddy). The following day the three of them find the missing piece they needed to fix the ship but in doing so they come face to face with Gertrude, a pissed off mother T-Rex (mad because Ray ate one of her eggs a while back when he was stranded in the timeline).  Gertrude comes charging at them when Vixen steps up and meets her head on. Vixen taps into her totem and channels the spirit of a T-Rex and has a conversation  with Gertrude. Which in following, Gertrude leaves them to be. (This was dope AF because I did not know Vixen could channel Dino spirits and she calmed a rampaging T-Rex down, like what!?! Beast!).

Back on the ship, Jax, Gideon, and Sara are trying to free Rip from his own mind and the negative versions of themselves. It's an all out battle inside Rip's mind and things are looking bleak until Rip is given confidence by Gideon that none of this is real and that he is in control. Rip unleashes a few psychic waves similar to a force push & slam and the negative Legends disappear. Able to conquer his mind, all  seems well until the subconscious world begins to collapse on itself and everyone has to abandon the ship to safety. Fortunately enough, everyone who had a physical form (sorry Gideon) was able to make it back to the real world, alive and well.

Legends of Tomorrow returns next week, just in time for you all to board the hype flight. Our next destination is NASA in 1970. Yeah, we're going to the moon!