Hi, this is your conductor speaking. All those who are aboard the Legends of Tomorrow hype train express I do humbly welcome you and will inform you as to when the train will be making a stop; which does not seem to be anytime soon. Now to discuss the most recent episode.

We start off with a sarcastic voice over by Rory which informs the viewer that he will have a major role into everything that's going on. We last left off with the newly augmented (memory wise) former captain Rip Hunter killing the first president of the United States, George Washington; and that's where we pick back up in this episode.  Rip is pacing back and forth badmouthing the original colonies and giving a little speech to his fellow redcoats about the war to come.  All is fair in love and war right? Well, not so much. Especially if one side is using archaic weaponry and the other is equipped with the latest and greatest high tech assault rifles...yeah, stacked odds. But that was Rip's plan from the jump. He wanted to create a time aberration so large the Legends had no choice but to follow him there to that point in time.  And of course it works.

The Legends catch wind of the aberration and of course go after it. They get there on Christmas Eve 1776 to stop George Washington from being murdered. Everyone is at a small house gathering when surprise, surprise Rip and his redcoats storm the Legends, and George Washington and his troops and begin slaughtering everyone in sight. The Legends are fighting valiantly and doing more than holding their own until Rip unleashes a massive EMP burst that shuts down the Wave Rider, and the Legends tech gear that they may have on them. This means it's time to retreat for the Legends. Steel and Vixen make a great escape with the Atom stuck in a miniaturized state, Stein and Jackson remain on the Wave Rider and are frantically trying to get everyone else on board and Mick and Sara take George Washington and try to make a run for it. It's going pretty smoothly too until Rip shows up in front of Sara and Mick and just busts a shot into Sara like it was nothing (I must say, I like Rip as a villain a lot more than a hero). Rip and company capture George and Mick and get on their way.

Fast forward a bit and we see that Sara is bleeding out on the Wave Rider and appoints Jax as the new captain. Meanwhile Steel and Vixen are smitten with one another and hook up while evading redcoats, Mick and George are discussing politics, an escape plan and the future of the American way, Stein is perplexed with trying to save Sara, Rip is an all out savage while chasing Jax around the ship looking for their piece to the Spear of Destiny and the Atom (while still miniaturized) is being chased by a mouse.  Yeah, a lot is happening so I'll just dish out the important info.

Such info as Rip going full savage, AGAIN! Not only does he charge into the Wave Rider but he stalks Jax (who is now acting captain) knocks out Stein, and blasts Sara again in the chest while she's still recovering from the first savage shot. Not only that, he makes Jax give up the location to the Spear of Destiny piece (did I mention, I like Rip as a villain more? if not, then yeah Arthur Darvill plays a wonderful evil Rip). So in short, Rip leaves with a lot of W's and even after attaining the spear piece Jax still continues to go after Rip.

Forced into a situation he didnt want, with a gun drawn and pointed at his former captain, it seems like Jax is about to end Rip right then and there. That is until Sara, by some miraculous power, emerges from the fog and is able to calm Jax down and tells him to let Rip go.

While all of that is happening, Mick and George Washington are being set up to be hung when out of nowhere, they ambush the redcoats and start breaking some heads. It's interesting seeing our first president whoop some ass. He has a mean right cross if I do say so myself. Anyway, Mick and George rebel for as long as they can as the numbers are not in their favor. Luckily for them, they have been scrapping and fighting for so long that back-up finally arrives in the form of post hook-up Steel and Vixen. After the dust settles,  our Legends prevail and save George Washington. Before leaving to reunite with his troops, George and Mick have a nice bro-mance moment in which Washington tells Mick he will be remembered as an American hero (With a statue erected later on in the years that has a striking resemblance to him) and that he exemplifies what it means to be an American (just soak that in ladies and gents).

The show ends with everyone gathered together on Christmas day in 1776 aboard the Wave Rider. There is a large celebration but still a somewhat somber tone due to losing the spear piece, their former captain is now a bad guy and their current captain was momentarily dead. Somehow Sara finds a way to find the optimism in the situation and gives a glimmer of hope to the Legends, asking them to keep fighting for a better tomorrow.

Legends of Tomorrow will be on break until Feb. 21, which gives plenty of you guys time to re-watch some episodes and to hop aboard the hype train. Chugga Chugga.