WE ARE BACK LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Hot off the mid season finale and 4-night episodic crossover "Invasion," Legends of Tomorrow picks right back up with all systems go.

The episode starts off with a six-month flashback to Capt. Rip Hunter trying to escape the wave rider after helping the Legends. Rip is seen running around the ship looking for a particular item that even Gideon has no clue about; a piece of the Spear of Destiny a/k/a The Holy Lance. After finding it, Rip attempts his escape and ends up where we found him before the mid season finale (more on that later).

Flash forward six months into our present and Steel can be found in the library jamming out to some M.O.P.  while reading some heavy text, trying to discover what the importance of the two amulet pieces were that they gave up to the now titled "Legion of Doom" (Merlin, Dahrk, Reverse Flash), all the while disrupting the sleep of both Vixen and Atom. After a stern talking to by Atom and Vixen, the three of them are able to figure out that the two pieces are actually meant to be one entire amulet when put together. Furthermore they are able to deduce what the amulet is searching for - The Spear of Destiny. Upon that recent information they debrief the team and then head out on their next mission.

Now, now, let's not forget our villains. While the Legends are mowing over new info, both Merlin and Dahrk are already on the hunt walking down Hollywood boulevard plotting post mission site seeing such as taking a picture with Frank Sinatra's star (Is it just me or do villains normally have pretty good taste in music?). I guess villains can have a bromance too. Anyhow, the two get bored of walking and roll up like gangbusters to some bikers and jack their bikes. Unfortunately for them, one of them they gawked was a big enough deal to cause a slight time aberration that alerted the Legends to where they were headed next - Hollywood.

The Legends touch down in Hollywood 1967 and are roaming the studio premises when they come across Rip and his co-director/associate producer taking a break from filming their movie, which is ironically about the Legends and is titled "Legends." However they were not the first ones on the scene. The Legion of Doom beat them to the punch both literally and figuratively as they started to rough up Rip and his associate. As true heroes do though, the Legends swoop in and save the day momentarily. That is, before Rip's associate gets grazed in the arm by a laser gun and runs away screaming just as the cops pull up. Everyone but Rip is able to getaway and the cops place him in holding.

It is soon found out that Rip who now goes by the name of Phil Gasmer has or had a piece of the spear with him while filming his movie. So it becomes top priority for both sides to try and nab him before the other in order to get their hands on the spear. Too bad his associate had the spear and too bad said associate who got shot with a futuristic laser gun now wants to quit film school. Seems pretty insignificant right? Normally that would be true, but in this case it is quite a large irregularity that holds major influence to the future. As the scared student who wants to quit film school is none other than George Lucas.

Yes, the George Lucas. The one that created Star Wars and Indiana Jones, movies that helped shape a generation. Yeah that guy is scared and wants to quit film school and we most certainly can't have that. If you don't believe me on how big an impact he has on people, then spoiler alert because in this episode the sheer fact that George Lucas didn't want to be in the film industry anymore altered the lives of both Ray, and Nathan - changing Ray from a 4-PhD tech billionaire to a heart surgeon and Nathan from a world-class historian to a yoga instructor (Wow, Ray still had the better end of the deal regardless...poor Nathan). This becomes a problem when you need both a tech genius and a historian on your team when time traveling is your line of business.

So now not only are the Legends after the spear, trying to save Rip/Phil, but also now must convince George Lucas to continue film school all the while trying to fend off the Legion of Doom and their malice filled schemes.

If this sounds like a lot, it's because it is. This episode was filled to the brim with sci-fi heroic goodness, a major "what if" scenario, mental health (Rory has been having delusions of Snart again) and the most anti-climactic scene I've seen in while, but in a funny way.

Flash-forward to the end of the show, and like all good episodic series, you're left wanting more. There's a big battle involving George Lucas, The Legends and the full 3-man roster of the Legion of Doom. The Legends get the upper hand and secure both the spear and the amulet, and George becomes a film student again. And as everything seems well and good, the Legends are unable to save Rip from the clutches of the Legion of Doom. A nice scene between Sara Lance and Jax ensues (I like Jax as a sort of 2nd in command. It's working for me), trying to console one another and steel their resolve, focusing on trying to save Rip. Hopefully that can be done all in one piece as the episode ends with Rip pleading for his life as he is about to be tortured by the Legion.

With the hype now on Legends of Tomorrow, there's still room left on the train if you're willing to give it a chance.