'lopes and other bargains out there


My cantaloupes won't look anything like these luscious numbers in a farmers market in Oakland, CA, a few weeks ago. But I wasn't planning on growing them at all - till I saw a few on the bargain table at a garden center back in June for $1. Bought one, threw it in the ground and paid no attention till this week, when I saw a monster cantaloupe vine overtaking a bird bath, a large planter and some celery in the garden.

Truth is, the weather's been so crummy this summer I've made few trips out there and only to pick whatever's ripe - and, of course, basil, which goes in or on everything at this time of year, including salad. So who knew what was happening in the far corner?

This weekend, if the hail or rain or whatever else we're supposed to get lets up, I just might look around for baby cantaloupes. Rumor has it the fig tree is loaded this year, too.

Mood-changer, coming right up.