Work with the socks you've got


And how lucky you are if you've got this little beauty - Rabdosia longituba 'Tube Socks." This is a simple, elegant arrangement done by Joe Henderson of Chanticleer. Joe is a horticulturist/section gardener there, and he obviously plucked these stems from what was blooming down by the pond, maybe, or on the hillside nearby. They're very thin, nicely setting off the leaves and clusters of  flowers.

I'd never heard of this, so looked it up. Plant Delights Nursery sells it. Common name trumpet spurflower. It gets 3 feet tall, 2 feet wide, and typically blooms - right on schedule - in mid-October here. I saw this arrangement last Friday at the Perennial Plant Conference at Swarthmore College, and it made quite an impression. It's so clean. Makes those "bouquets" and "arrangements" you see all over offices - packed with a zillion colors and kinds of flowers - seem ridiculously overdressed.