White is a color, too


It may be my imagination - been known to happen - but there seem to be an awful lot of white flowers at the show this year. Giant white hydrangeas. Lilies and mums. Roses and roses, great masses of them. Maybe they've been there all along and I'm just begining to notice - and to think of them as a design element in the garden. 

White flowers, especially fragrant ones, are usually associated with moon gardens, designed to light up the darkness. During hot summer afternoons, white can look awful. But in the morning, and early evening, you can see the potential. I've grown moonflower vine, which produces a large, soft flower on a fence and it never fails to draw attention. Maybe it's time to try other things.

Last week, I bought white tulips for the table. Maybe the first time. I usually go for yellow or pink or purple. The white ones look regal, a word not usually associated with my perennially under-construction household, but they ease the pain somewhat.

I associate white with weddings, funerals, religious occasions like Easter. It'll be interesting to see how white flora fares in the harsh Convention Center light. No religious experience, that.