Wettest month on record was good for something


Finally got outside in the garden yesterday - two hours of weeding and cleaning up. The sun was out, the neighborhood blessedly quiet. (Love it when everyone goes away.)

I picked some raspberries, clipped some herbs, chopped down some moldy evening primroses, removed black spotted leaves from the roses, found two tomatoes - aptly named 'Fourth of July' - and cut some anise hyssop and coneflowers to bring inside.

Now that the houseguests have gone home, the rain has stopped (temporarily), temperatures - at least yesterday - were more reasonable and the humidity seemed bearable. Too bad our guests had such a stinky run of it. Tell me: When is a good time for out-of-town folks to visit this place?

Wish they'd seen this view from the sunporch at dinner time last night. All the rain seems to have done one nice thing: It's brought out masses of daisies and coneflowers, which were literally crawling with bees and insects. It was quite a show.