Victoria: The Seductress


Well! Got your attention, did I? "The Seductress," in this case, is the Victoria water lily, an "aquatic marvel" - see photo - that is on display in the show's central feature. A hefty new book about this amazing plant - 468 pages, $69.99 - is making its debut here. It's available in the AIA bookstore just outside the show hall and also online at

The author is Tomasz Anisko, curator of plants at Longwood, which was the first to hybridize this famous plant. He travelled to more than 20 countries to gather information for his book, according to Longwood's executive director Paul Redman.

Victoria was the rage in mid-19th century England and has captivated gardeners and scholars ever since. Been a persistent seductress, you might say. Longwood has brought several specimens to the show.