Vets and farming: A natural

Delaware Valley College in Doylestown has teamed up with the Rodale Institute in Kutztown on the Veteran Organic Farming Program, a 3-semester, 36-credit program that combines classroom study on all aspects of organic farming and hands-on work on the land at DelVal, Rodale's 333-acre farm, and other farms in the area. I visited DelVal this week and came away with the feeling that these students - one Marine, and one each from the Marine Corps and Coast Guard - have a bright and interesting future ahead of them. (Consider that the average age of American farmers is 57 and that the organic food segment of the market is exploding.) Here, Ian Woods is checking on some seedlings growing in a DelVal greenhouse. Ian is the Coast Guard vet. He spent 23 years in emergency management, which includes oil spills and other disasters. "I needed to change careers for my sanity and my health," he says. "The culture we're in .. everything's an emergency. You can't catch a break"

Except here in the greenhouse. "This is it," he says.