Turkey neck

Celosia is one flower I've never cared for. Astilbe is another. And shame on me, day lilies and most dahlias. People are going to throw rocks at me next time I appear in public. Truly, there aren't many. Please put your rocks away.

Celosia's other name is cockscomb, and I know there are people who love its primary color and velvety feel. I don't know. I call that cockscomb something more like turkey neck, a condition I hope to avoid for a few more years. Now that I write that, maybe my dislike is a primal thing that I should seek therapy for.


Meanwhile, Helen Pettengill, the floral designer I've been blogging about this week, knocked me out with this arrangement. Who can explain ...? It's just celosia with yellow magnolia and bittersweet in a long-stemmed shallow glass. But how cool.

Makes me want to scour my cabinets for antique wine glasses, something Helen would definitely approve of. And maybe, if I get really adventurous, I'll spring for some celosia at a farmer's market. Any of those still open? And find myself a magnolia blossom or a substitute.

It's the idea of combining the vessel with a - simply - magnificent specimen flower. Sounds so much nicer than turkey neck.