Truth in advertising

Plant-sellers are just as prone to hyperbole as anyone else in the marketplace. They know what suckers we are for those claims of bright blooms on long-lasting plants. So it was a pleasant surprise to try a new plant this year and discover that it was all true. Zinnia Highlight Hybrid jumped off the Burpee website at me last April, selling itself on looks alone. The yellow of this zinnia, the ad said, is "the exact shade of a highlighting pen." (Hence, the name.) And so it is. I should say, it still is. A large mound of these neon yellow zinnias are still blooming in my garden, looking all the brighter for the limp and faded detritus around it that comprised my vegetable garden this year. Great plant. I can't say the same for the packing containers Burpee uses. They were strange, infuriating plastic contraptions that came with an entire sheet of directions that did not prevent me from cutting my fingers and dumping all the plants out before I could free them. I swore I'd never order anything in the mail again, a vow I've broken already - but not with Burpee. If you can get past this, try these zinnias next year. Better yet, beat the packing problem and buy seeds.