True grit

What to make of this? For several weeks, we've been wondering whether this is a desirable plant or a weed. Somehow it didn't seem like a weed, but it didn't flower or progress in any way. It just got taller and taller, sticking its head out of a stand of phlox - which, by the way, seems to be doing great this year, not nearly as much powdery mildew - looking very conspicuous.

"What's that thing?" people called from the sidewalk. "Gonna pull it out?"


I hung in there.

This morning I saw it had bloomed. It's a butterfly bush. At first I thought a bird had deposited it there. Serendipity! I love it.

Then I realized that was not the case. A few years ago I planted a small butterfly bush. I figured had gone the way of so many other vulnerable plants in last summer's horrific heat and drought.

But here it is. Wrong plant, wrong place. But still here, testifying to its gene pool and stubbornness. Not bad-looking, either.