To all whom I have put on the spot ...


It's payback time! If you've ever been the subject of one of my stories - or been photographed for one - you may be in for a treat. This Friday, the tables will be turned. I'm writing installment #3 of the saga of my city garden, and despite my pleas to the contrary, the powers that be insisted that I be photographed for it.

I always tell folks, oh, don't do anything crazy for the photo shoot ... no makeovers, no getting dressed up. Just be yourself. Well, by the time Inquirer photographer April Saul arrived at the house last Friday, I'd already been working outside for almost two hours. Despite the temperature (57), I was hot and sweaty, really a mess. Before you shoot, I told April, let me go inside and brush my hair. She looked at me with mouth agape! WHAT???

Come on. If your face were about to be plastered on a section front of the newspaper, wouldn't you want to get yourself together a little bit? (Actually, I'd have preferred a paper bag over the head). After "freshening up," I still did my best to keep head down, out of April's line of vision - to no avail.

Please just photograph the plants and the trees, like this gorgeous sweet bay magnolia, I pleaded. How beautiful is that?

April shot lots of plants and trees. And Emily, a professional gardener and my very photogenic (age 34) helper for the last 18 months. And, alas, hot and sweaty me, old enough to be Emily's mother.

So ... to all the people I've put on the spot over the years ... I now understand your discomfort with being photographed. Consider that table turned.