This is the 'before' picture

This is what things looked like when I left the Convention Center yesterday afternoon! Today is the private preview for the upper-level members of PHS. What they see will be far different. Let us hope, anyway.

Some exhibitors were finished setting up by midday yesterday, but they were in the minority. Some looked like they'd just begun, even though they've been working since a week ago this past Wednesday. And others were head down, no time to talk, too much to do.


I was eager to see "Jack," the riff on "Jack the Ripper," and while floral designers were working intently, there wasn't much cohesion there just yet. This is an exhibit visitors are going to be curious - and opinionated - about.

A few folks said they might be down there till midnight and back early again today. The preview opens at noon. We'll be there. Don't bet against me on this: Set up will be complete. The show will be ready. I'll let you know what I see and take a few "after" photos.