Daffodils in the kitchen

What a winter! Just spoke with someone in Chadds Ford who has a bouquet of homegrown daffodils on her kitchen table. And someone at Longwood who reports that it isn't just the witch hazels in bloom right now. They have fully out wintersweet. The snowdrops have been blooming for awhile, too.

Last week, I noticed the hostas in my side garden are pushing up through the soil. This morning I noticed a patch of irises on the move! Stoppppp!


Time for a story, I'd say.

This photo is of a Chinese witch hazel at Morris Arboretum. It has bright yellow flowers with red centers - nicely fragrant - and while it's a late winter feature at Morris, even it is early this year.

It's a weird winter, for sure.

Most plants should be OK even if we get a cold snap of short duration.  A longer freeze period could be bad news. So far, the worst result of these way-early blooms is that we won't be able to enjoy them in spring. As Nancy Sakaduski, the master gardener from Chadds Ford with the daffodils in her kitchen, puts it, "Obviously, daffodils aren't going to bloom twice."