The boss

This is my boss for the next month, one of two sugar maples in the front yard, along with six other trees on the property and in the gardens, that are now dumping leaves on my head. It's relentless. I can't imagine what do-it-yourselfers on large suburban properties do. They're probably smart - they hire someone to do this.

But I'm determined to do what I can myself and save as many leaves as I can, which is why last year I bought a leaf vacuum with bag attached to mulch whatever gets sucked up. It's electric, but still makes a powerful noise for the neighbors. And I wasn't the only one out there in late afternoon yesterday. With no Eagles game, everyone had the idea, I guess.


And I'm probably not the only one who's sore today either! Wow. I did only two bags' worth, spreading the shredded leaves on the vegetable garden and in the composters, but today my neck and arms are stiff and aching. For a good cause, I know, but still ...

These sugar maples are nine years old, just about to burst into red and yellow. They're so ... autumnal! And make no mistake - they rule.