An alternative to the Man Cave


There are no flat screen TVs, no bar, no fries and beer, but at the west entrance to the flower show - the other side of 12th Street at Arch - there are large, soft, comfy chairs. And boy, are they worth the walk down from the show.

I've heard lots of complaints this year, same as last year and the year before, about seating. As in NOT ENOUGH. So folks are heading for the Man Cave and the Family Lounge and grabbing a spot on the floor if they have to. But there are places to sit inside the show, if you're clever - the Designer's Studio in the far right corner has audience benches, and you can learn something about floral design while you rest.

The Kafe in the center has seats - if you're hungry. But you can't stay there too long. And there are rows of seats out in the hall. My experience has been that these are taken within a few minutes of the show's opening and they stay full throughout the day.

So if you have the time, just head down to street level, walk across 12th and into the west wing of the convention center. Turn right as you enter and you'll see the chairs that escaped from the Man Cave.