Sweet autumn clematis

You can tell fall is on the way. Leaves are starting to fall. It's getting dark earlier. And Clematis terniflora, otherwise known as sweet autumn clematis, has begun to sprout. This rambunctious clematis is sure to spark a discussion among gardeners, who seem to be of two minds. Yes, this is a beautiful, starry-blossomed vine that literally pops up when many other things in the garden are winding down or flat-out dead. But wow. It emerges not inch by inch but like a fountain, spewing itself all over the ground, trees and fences. Here, you can see what it does to a spirea bush. It's wrapping its long, skinny arms around the spirea and, without intervention, will squeeze till it can't squeeze no more.

We're told to prune in fall or early spring. Heck, I just pull this stuff out whenever I feel like it. Hasn't slowed it up one bit. As I do that, I notice that it smells nice and has a free-falling, snowflake-like look that's kinda nice. But I can't help wondering. Is this clematis in my garden the new trumpet vine?