Speaking of Longwood

Speaking of Longwood Gardens, which I was in my last post, it's hosting two major conferences this month - the North American Clivia Society symposium on March 19 and 20, and the International Orchid Show & Sale from March 25-27. This was the scene in the Visitor Center earlier this week. The place is already draped in orchids! At the clivia symposium, which has a pre-conference tour at a private home on March 17, Longwood will be releasing its first named clivia from a 35-year breeding program. That program will be the topic of a talk by Bob Armstrong, former head of research at Longwood, who is vaulting out of retirement in Hawaii (temporarily) to talk about the program. And for all you orchid fans out there, you know orchids at Longwood are always a treat. Growers and collectors from Hawaii to South America will be on hand, and the variety of orchids on display will be worth a visit. I've not been to this kind of show before, but I always check out the orchids in the Conservatory when I visit. More information at www.longwoodgardens.org. Now, it's off to the Pennsylvania Convention Center to check out set-up for the flower show, which opens to the public Sunday.