Some kitchen garden

This is Jacqueline Daley, who showed me around the kitchen garden at the Henry Antes plantation in Perkiomenville today. Never heard of the Antes Plantation, you say? Me either, and I suspect that's true of a lot of folks.

A search of the Inquirer archives turned up practically nothing, which is a shame, because this is a special place. I'll be writing a story about it for Friday, Aug. 12, which is the first day of their 2-day festival, a celebration that's been going on for 45 years!


Jacqueline and her husband Bill are among 730 members of the Goschenhoppen Historians, who put on the festival. It's their primary fund-raiser, bringing in as much as $20,000 - or costing them money. Depends.

Tell you what. This is an authentic 18th-century garden and house and George Washington really did sleep here. He stayed for several days in 1777, between the Battles of Brandywine and Germantown, And Bob Wood, another volunteer/historian, says the troops were encamped nearby. It seems Henry Antes' son was a colonel in Washington's army.

Today we toured the garden and the house, then had an interesting and extremely delicious lunch modelled after one that might've been served here in the 1700s. It was prepared by Jacqueline, a woman of many talents, although she confides: "Gardening isn't really my thing."

Cooking, you may have guessed, is.