So many choices

Despite the cold, last Saturday Randy and I headed out to Colibraro's nursery in Horsham, a neat place we'd never heard of and that isn't open to the general public. We went with arborist Ken LeRoy to pick out our new tree. The place was spectacular, beautiful evergreens at every turn. Good sizes, too. I took along a reference book but it was so cold my fingers couldn't turn the pages. And it was like visiting a garden center in spring; everything looks great until you turn the corner and see something that looks even better. This is Michael Colibraro, a debonair fellow with several charming European habits. He wears a beret. (Slays me every time.) He kisses on both cheeks. (I'm yours!) And he offered us espresso to warm up. So walking the paths through his nursery was truly an adventure we'll remember.

From the time Ken's crew removed the dead dogwood from our garden, Randy's been talking about a blue spruce. He loves blue spruce. He wants to hug a blue spruce. He wants to put Christmas lights on a blue spruce. And wouldn't the birds love to build a nest in a blue spruce?

I thought a blue spruce would look funny in our urban garden and figured we'd see lots of alternatives at Colibraro's.

We did. Lots and lots.