Six weeks and $300 looks pretty good

The folks at Camden Children's Garden are nothing if not inventive. They've had to be, what with funding cuts and assorted other issues. They weren't in the show last year, but this year - six short weeks ago - CCG founder Mike Devlin says he got a call from PHS. Can you get an exhibit together? Someone had dropped out.

Mike and crew repurposed the garden's metal butterfly and ladybug, bought some pineapples and oranges, and PHS bought the rest. "We cobbled it together," Mike says, though you wouldn't guess. It's a fun exhibit with a willow-branch tunnel. I crawled through it yesterday with Mike, and we stuck our faces through the holes in the butterfly wings so a volunteer could take the picture. Jane Pepper had been there the day before and was game enough to pose, so we followed suit.

Glad I didn't have to actually crawl in - it was hard enough to walk bending over - or I'd be in there still. Kids were having no such problems. Stop by and say hi. CCG is in Hall B, the row next to the Marketplace. You'll see what $300 and six weeks can look like in a pinch.