Shadow art

I'm going to make a point of swinging by Michael Bruce's exhibit called "Urban Graffiti Shadow Art." I stood in front of this part of it wondering what it was. Suddenly I got it - it's a can can dancer made of recycled cans. You decipher it by reading the shadows. There are four parts to the exhibit. Besides the can can figure - you can see a shapely leg with a high heel on the foot - there are a woman in a French shop, a Fremch poodle, a woman in a bath tub and a garden scene with - bird-lovers, beware - a cat going after some birds. Michael, who has a shop in Collingswood, has scavenged common household items and created art in a spotlight. It's a little mysterious and erotic. And, at first, puzzling. You look at the pile of stuff. You look at the shadowy image. They don't even look related. And yet, the more you look, the more they do.