Rose reverie


This delicious photo accompanied an email from Lorraine Kiefer, the effervescent co-owner, with son Joe, of Triple Oaks Nursery & Herb Garden in Franklinville, who's doing a rose program later this month. (See below.) Lorraine is always fun to talk to, both for horticultural information and personal remembrances of plants and family.

She notes that the International Herb Society has named the rose its herb of the year for 2012. Surprised to learn that the rose even IS an herb? More on that in a bit.

I'm in a rose frame of mind. The sun is shining. The weather is acting like spring. I'm starting to think about what this year's garden will be. And on Monday, I'll be visiting Glen Foerd on the Delaware River, a historic house so-named by Robert and Caroline Foerderer, who bought it in 1893. Robert made his fortune making ultra-soft goat skin to feed the societal appetite for leather products. He later became a U.S. congressman and head of the Keystone Telephone Company. Now you're talking serious money.

Lots more to the story, which I hope to get on Monday. I bring all this up because once I saw Lorraine's rose image in my in-box, I was reminded of the roses at Glen Foerd. I look forward to seeing it - and the grapevines - and to hear of all the efforts there to restore the beautiful gardens and grounds.

Here's Lorraine's event, next best thing to spring: 

Everything Coming Up Roses I " on  Sunday  February  26  at 1:30, which involves a short session on growing and using rose, as well as making  a dried rose wreath and potpourri. All Crafts made with real essential rose oil. Preregistration required. 856-694-4272.