Rhinestone tiaras spark fashion trend

When you travel, do you find yourself buying all sorts of things - jewelry, for me - that seem so right at the moment, so reflective of your trip and then you get home and wonder what alien took possession of your brain and made you buy it? It looks so right in the mountains of Mexico or the desert in Morocco or that tiny village in Cambodia. But in the office or at a neighborhood party?

I thought of this as I chatted with PHS' Bev LoPinto in the PHS shop at the show. She told me that as of yesterday afternoon they'd sold 6 rhinestone tiaras for $44.50 each. Rhinestone pins in the shape of a royal crown are "selling like hot cakes," for between $12 and $60. Fascinators - from $20 to $120 - are also doing well.

This flower show crowd is all for glam, it seems. I wonder how those tiaras will fare when the show's over? Actually, now that I think of it, they may do quite well! Maybe I should get one. I can see it now - a new fashion trend in the office. Come to think of it, a tiara would go great with my magic wand. Now where did I get that?