Rabbit food and other daydreams


Nothing like a little time off to purge the brain of stressful thoughts and to make room for the fun stuff, as in: What should my vegetable garden look like in 2014? The catalogues are pouring in, and one day this week I actually spent a couple of hours looking at them and making a list of everything that struck my fancy.

It was a long list - 15 lettuces alone - and it will have to come down or I'll have to rent a rabbit family this spring. But it's a start. I barely looked at the ornanentals. (That comes later.)  I decided to simplify things and concentrate on tomatoes, salad lettuces, greens and herbs, maybe a hot pepper plant, and buy the rest at my local farmer's market. 

At the end of the 2013 season, I ripped out a bunch of roses, which frees up a new spot for tomatoes - lots of sun - and gives me a chance to start fresh. And instead of loading up on seeds from various purveyors at the flower show, I'm going to order everything from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds this year. They collect from all over the world, and I'm excited to try some of their finds.

Speaking of the flower show, I have quite a stash of leftover seeds from years past. Time to simplify there, too.

Time will tell how steadfast I'll be to these goals. But this year feels different. Maybe I've finally grown up as a gardener. I don't need to have everything I see. I can exercise some self-control, right? Starting with those 15 varieties of lettuce ...