Purple strawberries make their debut


So I was chatting up some PHS volunteers at the horticultural information booth this week. What's the strangest question you've gotten? I asked. "Purple strawberries!" Nobody'd heard of them. Same was true at Jerry's Berries, booth 728, where they're selling nothing but ever-bearing strawberry plants. They looked at me sideways when I asked.

Then yesterday I get an email from the PR people at Burpee touting - guess what - Purple Wonder, a new purple strawberry that was developed at Cornell by Courtney Weber. Burpee has the rights to market it to home gardeners, and you can see it on display at the Meadowbrook Farm store at the show. (Next to the Kaua'i Kafe.) You can also buy it there; after the show, it'll available at burpee.com.

I leave it to you to determine whether it really looks purple. Hmmm. Could be like those "blue roses" I read about that are more mauve than actual blue. Granted, this "purple" is a pretty color, but it looks more like burgandy wine to me.

Still, a lot of gardeners like novelty in their garden so perhaps strawberry lovers will go for this one. It fruits in June, gets 8-12 inches tall and spreads 10-12 inches, and I think a nice big bowl of them would look dandy on the kitchen table. Kinda says summer, doesn't it?