Princess Diana: Her beauty lives on

I'll never understand why this clematis - 'Princess Diana' - isn't a runaway hit in American gardens. In fact, I've never seen it for sale in any garden center or on display in any public garden. Only online. But take a look! It's extraordinary. I saw it several years ago completely covering a trellised wall in a suburban garden - in summer - and knew I had to have it.

Now I have three. They bloomed once several weeks ago and are at it again, with less vigor but the same beauty. THe flowers are smaller than what you might expect from a clematis, but 'Princess Diana' is a Clematis texensis, which typically has bell- or tulip-shaped blossoms. Diana is tulip-shaped, with a dainty reddish-pink flower. It's touted as suitable for use as a groundcover, blooming from summer into fall.

Interesting idea for groundcover, but I think it's stunning on a trellis like this one.