Princess Beatrice would be so bored


She'd be so bored in Room 201C at the show, the Make and Take room. I mean, this is the gal who showed up at William and Kate's 2011 wedding in a headpiece - known as a fascinator - described as "a beige toilet seat," "antlers" and, kindly, "a pretzel-shaped bow." It was unbelievable. Even more so: The thing sold for $130,000 a few months after the wedding. Fortunately, the money went to charity so somebody benefitted. I take that back. A lot of us benefitted from the comic relief!

Nothing like Bea's bomb has come out of Room 201C (that I know of). but you will see lots of fascinators in the crowd at the flower show. I'd never heard of these things till the royal wedding two years ago, but they're supposedly enjoying a bit of a resurgence. Kate wears them, but so far, nothing resembling a toilet seat or stag rack. The girl has advisers.

Fascinators have been around for decades - feathered head gear far longer for both men and women - although they pretty much died out in the '60s. Lord knows, we had plenty of other stuff on and in our heads in that era. My lips are sealed.

This is a photo of a fascinator made by Diane Kunze of Frankford, It's attached to a headband, but you can make them (for $10, all materials provided) on barettes or bracelets or wands. Diane chose a head piece with a cardinal in a nest, surrounded by ranunculus and pussy willow. Hail, Beatrice!