Peruvian lily


This is a bouquet whose dominant feature is alstroemeria, commonly called the Peruvian lily. They're quite pretty - trumpet shape, miniature size, in colors ranging from white and gold to apricot, pink and lavender. They have spots and streaks and upon close examination, you'll find that they're pretty than they seem from afar. Frankly, they seem to be in every supermarket, looking overblown and haggard. I usually stay away. But here's what they look like fresh. Ron Mulray (see earlier post) of the Philadelphia Flower Co. rustled up this bouquet using eight stems of yellow and white alstroemeria and three pieces of 'Million Star' baby's breath, the most popular variety for proms and weddings, ringed by bits of variegated pittosporum, which is glossy green and cream-colored. He wrapped the spiralled - never crosed - stems with florist tape and covered that with two yards of chartreuse, double-face, satin ribbon measured from the tip of his nose to the tip of his fingers. He cut the ribbon at an angle at the bottom, sprayed the bouquet with a clear sealer called Aqua Finish and sprinkled ultra-fine glitter on the finished bouquet.