Peek-a-boo revue

WELL! It won't be called the Peek-a-Boo Revue at the Flower Show, but that's this group's real name. They're billed as the Flower Show Follies and were told to keep everything family-rated at the Convention Center. This information comes to us via Lulu Lollipop, a member of the revue, which she describes as "neo-burlesque" and quite bawdy in real life, with a 22-member troupe that includes seven "dancing girls" and a live jazz ensemble.

At the Flower Show, however, it's strictly a PG performance, with three "dancing girls" and one singer narrator, who walks the crowd through a highlights tour of Paris nightlife ... the cafes and nightclubs, the Montmartre arts scene, a verrry mild cabaret-style fan dance (which originally was done in ye old birthday suit, remember), a little can can with nothing risque whatsoever. Some might be disappointed, but it's a family-oriented Flower Show, after all. Lulu and fellow performers, who include Cherry Bomb and Sophie Sucre, are wearing bloomers and stockings and corsets with a little cleavage and coquetry. No big whup. There are four songs and five dance numbers altogether.

The Revue - I mean Follies - will be performing several times a day on the carousel stage, 30 minutes each time, all week (except Sunday, the last day). Lulu does Peek-a-Boo for fun. For a living, she does bridal alterations in Drexel Hill. Like the rest of us, she loves to play but has to eat. If you want to check out the real Peek-a-Boo girls, go for it: