Pam's garden

Pam Olshefski's garden in Ambler is sometimes the inspiration for the personalized note cards, invitations and even table place cards she creates in her spare time, which is a greater challenge than you might think. She's the parttime - three days a week - curatorial assistant at Morris Arboretum, in addition to being the mom of three little girls. What spare time?

We sat at her dining room table yesterday - the one that doubles as a real dining room table every day - to talk about the art of writing notes, something few people have or take the time to do anymore. It used to be the standard - get a Christmas gift from Nana, write that thank you on Dec. 26.

These days, email, texts, Facebook and Twitter fulfill that role in our lives. But for Pamela, that kind of communication just doesn't cut it. Taking the time to sit down and write something personal, especially if it's on a unique card that you 've made or bought, makes a statement, she says.

That statement is: I care enough to do this. "It's about the other person. It's not about me," says Pam, whose nature-inspired cards are done with stamps showing coneflowers, ornamental grasses, and trees. Sometimes she uses dried seeds, leaves and flowers from that garden we mentioned, which is a wonderfully wild thing in a small space in front of her twin home.

Her cards are on sale in the Morris gift shop and on etsy ( Story to come on 11/4. Now, please excuse me. I have some correspondence to catch up on.

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