Nothing says English cottage garden like ...

Nothing says cottage garden like delphinium. Are these not spectacular? I've always heard they're hard to grow but judging from this display, they're worth a try. Found these at the Trevose Garden Club kitchen garden exhibit. This is one of those show categories that you might not seek out, but it's worth a spin. I love kitchen gardens, and since I'm hoping to expand my edible-ornamental beds this summer, I'm paying attention to these.

The Trevose club chose "Anticipation" as its theme, as in anticipation for the new royal that will be born this year and anticipation for the club's 90th birthday in 2013. (It even has a soon-to-be 90-year-old president!) The exhibit is set up like a baby shower, complete with champagne. How come I never get invited to baby showers with bubbly?

In any event, the ladies have put together a beautiful, practical little garden. Besides the delphiniums, it includes purple cabbage, several varieties of lettuce and herbs such as sage and rosemary, and edible flowers like calendula. And I don't know about you, but the petunias I'm seeing ought to be named 'Gonzo.' Check out Trevose's lavender and dark purple collection. They're not hibiscus size - yet - but they look grand to me.