Next year: Expect a BRILLIANT show


That's not my hyperbole. It's PHS'. In a move that echoes the "GREAT" ad campaign launched last September in England touting the 2012 summer Olympics in London - the campaign touts all the "great" things and characters about Britain - PHS announced this week that the 2013 Flower Show theme would be "Brilliant!"

The central feature will be all about contemporary London and the idea "that the more modern landscapes of London are transforming the city," says Sam Lemheney, show designer. The feature will incorporate the city's architecture but PHS will not recreate the older historic gardens. Rather, they'll serve as inspiration to create more modern designs, Sam says.

PHS will be working with the British American Business Association in NY and D.C. to bring in sponsors and vendors. Besides Sam, the design team includes Gary Radin of GMR Design, who's worked on the flower show for six years, and Chris Woods, formerly of Chanticleer, the public garden in Wayne, who worked with Sam on the 2007 Ireland show.

The flower show has had all kinds of themes over the years, geographic and otherwise (America the Beautiful, Enchanted Spring), but the use of one adjective is probably a first.