New for 2013: Some plants and me


So, everybody make it through flower show rehab? took me a week to recover. It was a great week, in all - exercise, sleep, museum-hopping, reading ...

Speaking of reading, it was amusing to see the email comments that followed my colleague Harold Brubaker's story on the 17 percent drop in flower show attendance (from last year). I spent show week talking to lots (and lots) of people, and honestly, it was impossible to generalize about how the show was going over. The very thing one person loved the next person hated, whether we were talking about the central feature (with video), the showcase gardens, the marketplace, etc. The only things everyone seemed to coalesce around were the new Hamilton Horticort (excellent), Aramark food (needs improvement) and the cost of a ticket (too high).

This week I'll be writing a story about some new plants that debuted at the show or, if not new, were highlighted there. Spring is coming THIS WEEK, folks - Wednesday - and I don't know about you, but I'm ready. I've got big plans for my garden this year, which I'll be writing about later, so spring of 2013 is an exciting time at my house.

New plants, a new, refreshed me ... wonder how long that will last? Hope I make it to Wednesday!