My play date with Mushroom


Poor Mushroom. She was attacked not long ago by a hawk and "severely wounded," according to Cara Graver, who owns Mushroom, seven other chickens and two Guinea hens and interrupted the attack. Mushroom survived, but you can still see the cuts and scars on her neck and shoulders. 

I visited Mushroom and her coop mates - up close - yesterday afternoon. "You're brave to get right in here," Cara said, but even the rooster was calm. Nobody tried to peck me. Nobody seemed to care I was there. Even Effie, Cara's mushroom-colored miniature poodle was in the pen. She made off with some fish skin from the table scraps that were dumped there and there wasn't a peep of protest.

The goal of this visit was actually to see the cob chicken coop Cara made for her flock. Cob is sort of like adobe, except you don't make bricks out of cob. (You do, to build structures with adobe.) It's made of clay, sand, straw and water.

Cara's coop is great fun. I'll be talking about it and other interesting chicken houses in a story next week. If you know of any, let me know. Meanwhile, Mushroom mushes on.