Meet Maitreyi Roy, the new head of Bartram's

Actually, a lot of folks already know Maitreyi from her work at PHS. She's a senior VP for programs and planning, the most recent of many positions she's had at the society over the past 19 years. Maitreyi's always a pleasure to talk to and work with and now, she's about to become the boss lady at Bartram's, a place that never fails to strike visitors as "special."

It's hard to define, but Maitreyi feels it, too. She starts the new job Aug. 30 and is conscientiously finishing up her projects at PHS. We had a great couple of hours of conversation yesterday before the skies opened up and dumped about 3 tons of rain on us. It was also fun to see all the changes - not just the new Garden Shop and Green Room, but the organic farm, the new orchard, the community garden, the bike path and best of all ...

About a dozen tiny little snapping turtles, just hatched, in the compost pile! Talk about serendipity. Inquirer photographer Ron Tarver captured the moment. Story coming Friday, Aug. 24. You'll learn a lot of cool things about Maitreyi and maybe get as close to a snapping turtle as you're ever going to - or want to, for that matter!