Meet Larry the lawn gnome


Larry's a new product from Chive, the hipster purveyor of floral vessels and accoutrements from Toronto. This year, they have twice the floor space they've had in previous years. Larry comes in several colors and he isn't a vase. He is, in the words of junior sales rep Noel Greaves, "a little guy watching over your kitchen or bathroom." But he's sold ($15 for one, $25 for two) as a lawn gnome. Do what you want.

Noel says Larry was created justu for the show. Chive uses the flower show as a test market for its products. And this is the only show the company does. So Philly folks, feel proud.

You know, of course, that the Brits are nutty for gnomes, so you'd be within your comfort zone as a flower show-goer this year - the show being Brilliant! and all - to buy a few. Me, I'll admire on the shelf.