Man Cave gets more than it asks for


Everybody's talking about the Man Cave at the show, room 204B, which was supposed to be for guys who get dragged to the show and want to let the little woman look at flowers and go shopping while they do manly things like drink and eat fries, gamble (SugarHouse), and watch sports on oversized flat screens. Well, guess what. I've been in the cave twice, and both times, there were almost as many women as men - and quite a few children, too.

Ellie and Don Bogle of Feasterville, who took the train from Somerton, were having wine (she) and beer (he) and sharing some fries the other day, while others were sitting in gigundo cushy chairs watching a basketball game between UConn and Pittsburgh (73-66 UConn, second period). "We came here for seats but there's too many people sitting in here. Nobody's leaving," said Ellie, who wasn't exactly leaving either.

Ellie said they were waiting for the Phillies' game to come on the smaller TVs along the side of the cave, but the game had started an hour or so earlier and nobody had turned those televisions on yet. "Nobody seems to be in charge here," Ellie said.

Four young guys were sitting nearby drinking beer. "This is a good place to come with yhour wife and girlfriend to take a load off," said Colin Breen, who isn't much of a flower show person. He and two of his friends came along to accompany a friend and fellow student at Morrisville State College in central New York, Ryan Marcuz, who's studying horticulture there. All four are Canadian and play hockey at the school.

The flower show trip was a package deal offered by the hort department - $50 for one night at a hotel, the bus ride to and from, and the show. If they spend most of it in the Man Cave - hold on, maybe it's more like a family cave or a free-for-all cave - so be it. "Women are fine with us," said Jamie Nelson, looking around.

A second visit to the cave found the situation the same. Definitely a mixed crowd. Maybe there's a lesson here for PHS - people are looking for places like this. Call them caves. Call them lounges. Whatever you call them, it's a good idea to give people a place to sit, talk, eat and drink, no matter what gender they are.