Looks like a roller coaster to me


No roller coaster. This is the frame for the "orchid wave" that will greet visitors to the flower show. It's set-up week for the show, down at the convention center. By the way, the show is still at what we now refer to as the old convention center. Can't tell you how many people have asked me what I think of the show being in the new part. My answer: not much! 'cause it ain't there. (What, 10 acres of floor space isn't enough for you? Tell my feet.)

The wave will be assembled at floor level, filled with white orchids and anthuriums, then hoisted up and projected with digital images of swimmers and fish and the like. I heard Drew Becher, PHS president, on the radio this morning talking about the ocean scent that would be wafting around. Last time we chatted, he compared it to the "Four Seasons smell" that some of those hotels have. I wasn't familiar with that; Drew, when I travel the accommodations are more like the One Season.

I'll be going back tomorrow to see how the wave is progressing, but I saw Gary Radin there this morning - he designed it - and he was extremely confident it would quickly take shape as intended. Gary likes to meet his deadlines early - an editor's dream - and when I interviewed him at his Fishtown office several weeks ago he was well on his way. (I was a little disappointed Gary wasn't running around in a panic today. He was positively zen, which is no fun for bloggers!)

So we'll surf on over there tomorrow to check on the wave's - as promised, on time - transformation.