Lettuce is a gateway drug


Have you ever thought of lettuce as a gateway drug? You know, the thing that turns you on so much you can't wait to move on to the next addictive step? Lettuce has got to be THE easiest thing to grow from seed. I've gotten so blase about it, I don't even water when they go in. Actually, I check the weather forecast to see when rain is expected. Getting lazy, but what a pleasure this morning to see evidence of overnight rain!

I planted several heirloom varieties on Sunday, the last chore in a weekend packed with them. This photo isn't of my garden. It's one of Howard Brosius' micro farms - the cedar boxes with lids and heat that he's created whole gardening programs around for kids. It's a pretty neat invention. You;'d think Howard would be happy to concentrate on the here and now. I don't know if lettuce is responsible, but he's already thinking about the next step - raised-bed farming!