I got a little work done, too

This weekend, my neighborhood woke up. Not that everyone was hibernating over the (alleged) winter, but it seemed as if lots of people were out walking, working in the yard, shaking off the blues. This beautiful magnolia opened overnight. Way prettier than last year. Enjoy these guys while you can - in a few days the petals will be covered in gunk and making people slip on the sidewalk.

I set out to do some pruning and cleaning up yesterday. Honest, those were my intentions. And I did get a little work done in and around conversations with about 20 neighbors. I met a new baby - three-week-old Ruby, chatted medium-sized trees with a couple from two blocks over, heard everyone's opinion on the flower show (mixed), heard the details of a new house for sale on the block (overpriced) and my pregnant neighbor (tired of the mandated bed rest) and on and on.


My war-zone front yard was never far from front and center. Everyone wanted to know: What happened? Will you be planting again? Answer #1: old house, serious drainage issues. Answer #2: YES!

It was great fun to feel reconnected in the 'hood and to prune those wayward vines. Communing over a figurative back fence also helped with the job-related, world-related funk I was in. Of course, I must've gotten quite a bit of work done. I'm sore as all get out today.